An update on postseason home-field advantage

With the conclusion of both league championship series last week, the winning percentage for the home team during this postseason got closer to the historical average of 54% (or.540) that I mentioned in this post.  This was due almost exclusively to the home team in the ALCS between the Royals and Blue Jays winning five of their six contests, thereby flipping the winning percentage of the home team on that side of the bracket from a measly .364 (4-7 record) to a more accurate .529 (9-8).

In the NLCS, with the Mets winning all four games–two at Citi Field and two at Wrigley, that league’s home team winning percentage stayed at an even .500 (5-5 to 7-7).  Of slightly greater interest is the fact that the Mets were the first NL team with home-field advantage in their respective series to actually win said series this year.

Through the LCS round, home teams possess a cumulative record of 16-15 this postseason, a .516 winning percentage.  If the home team wins all seven games this World Series (a Royals championship), that stretches the advantage to a .605 winning percentage.  Conversely, seven home losses (therefore, a Mets title) spells a .421 winning percentage.  A 4-2 record by the home team this series would bring the record to 20-17, a .541 winning percentage.  Pretty cool, eh?


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