I grew up in the St. Louis area, so it’s not entirely unexpected that baseball is my first love when it comes to sports.  I may occasionally post about the St. Louis Blues and/or hockey; our mediocre NFL franchise that appears on its way out of town; and my other favorite sport, soccer (namely, Manchester United, LA Galaxy, and the US Men’s National Team).  But ultimately, this site is for baseball.

A big part of my fascination with the sport stretches way back before I even began grade school.  I have an uncle from California who recalls, on one of his visits when I was about five or six, that I would grab the Sports section from the newspaper every morning (a fact corroborated by my mother).  I remember looking at the standings, league leaders, box scores… anything with numbers.  I would spend hours reading the backs of hundreds of baseball cards–and not just the goofy fun facts the manufacturers put on there.  Even though I didn’t pursue number-crunching in college or thereafter, I’m still mesmerized by all the different statistics available, their relationships to one another, and, in particular, any sort of obscure gem.  I’d love to be the guy who could say, “Oh, that’s just the first time since May 1936 that a player has hit a home run from each side of the plate in a double-header while wearing his shoes on the wrong feet.”  Or something along those lines.

For those of you not familiar with the term “BFIB,” that means (a) the team to which you owe your allegiance is inherently inferior, and (b) you, likewise, are inherently inferior, such that a large vacuum (in the scientific, and not home appliance, sense) follows you wherever you go.


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